Be The Key


We are excited to announce the 1st Annual "Be The Key Annual Fundraiser"! This is a pivotal event that plays a crucial role in unlocking opportunities for Grove School students, allowing them to fully engage in a diverse range of activities and programs the school offers. By supporting this fundraiser, donors directly contribute to enriching and reinforcing the students' growth and education, empowering them to explore new interests and talents, and fostering a well-rounded educational experience. Through this collective effort, the fundraiser opens doors for students to discover their potential and embrace a brighter future.

Where do donations go?


Specific, special experiences that are interwoven and dispersed throughout a student’s time at The Grove School. These fantastic opportunities for learning are part of what makes our program distinct and unique. A Key Experience is anything that falls outside of daily school functions. These activities help to set the Grove experience apart and round out our unique educational experience.